Our 1952 Buick "Woodie" Wagon

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    We have owned this 1952 Buick Super Estate Wagon since 1989. It had a very interesting history as it was used for only 7 years from 1952-1959.  It was then put into storage for 23 years with only 59,000 miles on the odometer.  In 1982, it was sold as part of an estate to  Joseph Streczewicz of Bennington, VT.  He sold it to Charles Taylor of New Hampshire in 1983. 
     Mr Taylor tried his best to get this Buick roadworthy, but the problems were many, the result of sitting in an old barn for so many years.  In 1989 he gave up and put the car on sale in Keene, NH.  We purchased it in August of that year, and it took 5 years of hard work before I could declare it"Road-worthy".  The cooling system, transmission, rear end, and the wood were all repaired as needed. The engine was rebuilt during the Winter of 1995. The interior was completely restored with fine leather seats and door panels.
    We've driven this Buick to many distant places: Atlanta, Chicago, St Louis, Columbus, Flint, and up through Canada.  It has never come home on a hook!  The photos below are for your enjoyment.  If you visit our studio, and the weather is sunny, our Buick "Woodie" will be parked outside, so stop in and say "Hello"!

17 South Park Avenue, Plymouth, MA 02360