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     We are very proud to have been responsible for the conservation and/or restoration of many paintings, documents, letters, textiles, frames and maps in our 36-years of business.

    One of the most fascinating projects was a huge map of Plymouth County published in 1857.  It was brought to us in very poor condition. It was all rolled up, brittle, and very dirty.  It also had scratches, voids, infestation, acid burns, and heavy stains.  Suffice to say, it was unstable, and almost "Kaput".

    Published before the Civil War, this huge map measured 61-1/2" high X 62-1/2" wide, and it was printed in four colors; a tremendous technical achievement for that time.  In fact it was printed  4 years before Abraham Lincoln would take the oath of office as  President.

     Working with the Northeast Document Center in North Andover, MA where it was examined and tested, we  determined that this map could be stabilized and restored.
     After 11 months the restoration was completed    At that point our 3-month picture framing project was just beginning.  We designed and engineered a custom-milled heavy-duty stretcher bar frame on which to place the map (like a painting on canvas).

     Once stretched, we chose a 19th century, period-correct  reproduction double stacked frame in which to house this map.  The inner rope frame paid homage to the Plymouth Cordage Company, and the outer frame completed the statement.  To protect the map we used museum-grade ultra-violet filtering plexiglass, and a 1/4" spacer to keep the map away from the plexiglass.

    The completed work was then transported by truck to the Plymouth Public Library on South Street where we oversaw its installation just outside the Otto Fehlow Meeting Room.  
    Should you visit the main branch of the Plymouth Public Library you can enjoy this map and other works we have restored and/or custom framed.
    You can also view some photographs of the restoration and picture framing process by clicking on the photos below.

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