Artists We Represent

Artists We Represent

David Buckman: Automotive Photography

Frimma Buckman: Watercolors, Mixed Media

Judith Campbell: Seaglass Jewelry, and Quilts

Samuel Emrys Evans: Oil Paintings

Jeffrey Fallon: Acrylic Paintings

Glen Graffam: Oil Paintings

Tom Hannon: Aerial Photography

Mike Haywood: Limited Edition Prints

Lauren Jezierski: Hand-Painted Bags

Marshall Woodside Joyce: A.S.M.A.  Oil Paintings

Michael Keane: Limited Edition prints

The Late Brooks Kelly: Acrylic Paintings


Charles Silverman: Lighthouse prints

Pat Viella: Pottery

Charles Wysocki: Prints

Ed Harrigan: Oil paintings

Local Artists

17 South Park Avenue, Plymouth, MA 02360