Custom Framing

Picture Framing

"The frame is the reward of the artist"
 - Edgar Degas

Proper custom picture framing is much more than materials and techniques.  Knowledge of frame styles, and periods are essential to the finished artwork, and how it fits into your environment.  Art periods, your decor and architectural styles are keys to providing the correct harmony in your finished product.  it is the picture framer's duty to know the differences, and how to utilize them.

We here at Golden Gull Studios have a focused, keen interest in providing you with the best framing design for your special job.  Golden Gull Studios has won more art awards for our customers at juried shows than any other picture framing studio on the South Shore!!  We continually satisfy our customers wishes as well as our own inherent needs to be creative, proper and meticulous.

We are inspired by art!

Shadow Box Framing

When the opportunity arises to frame objects of art in a
shadow box, our creative and engineering juices engage
on a dual path to display the work in a tasteful, balanced
setting with strict attention to the structure that will
house the work. Click here for details!

The Importance of Proper Framing

A customer brought in a framed acrylic painting done by
her grandmother. As you can see by the photo below, it is
a still-life of flowers. This artwork was recently custom
framed at another shop (now out of business) nearby in
Sandwich, MA. Although this customer accepted the design,
she was always unhappy with the results. She did what
most consumers do: she relied on their “Expertise” in
designing the finished product. They took her hard-earned
money and delivered a product that was so overcooked,
and so out of proportion; we recommended that
she make a fresh start. Click here for details!

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Custom Framing

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