I am delighted to offer my wholehearted recommendation for Golden Gull Studios of Plymouth. As curator for the Plymouth Antiquarian Society, I frequently need museum-quality conservation and framing services for our organization’s valuable artworks and documents, and my first choice is always the Golden Gull.

          David Buckman’s expertise has been invaluable in helping to ensure long-term care and appealing display of our many historic treasures. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Golden Gull Studios on a range of projects, from the conservation and framing of a hand-colored antique map to a handsomely framed presentation of a delicate historic wallpaper document. Golden Gull Studios provides a wealth of experience, superb craftsmanship, and the highest quality material and service. They are, to put it simply, the best in the business!


Donna D. Curtin, Ph.D
Executive Director/Curator

Mr. David Buckman, President
Golden Gull Studios, Inc.
17 South Park Avenue
Plymouth, MA 02360

Dear David:

          On behalf of the Plymouth Public Library I wanted to thank you and your team for the wonderful restoration work performed on the 1857 Map of Plymouth County which is proudly displayed on the first floor of the main branch library on South Street here in America’s hometown. Every time I walk past the map I appreciate all of the hard work that went into conserving and restoring it.
          When I first brought the map to your studio I was unsure exactly how much restoration work could be done to bring it back to its original grandeur.  I was quickly assured that we were working with a historical gem, and your staff would do everything within their power to ensure that this project went perfectly. Indeed it did!   Not only is the restoration wonderful, but the assistance you provided with frame design has made the entire piece “Pop”!
          I have seen many library patrons stop and spend time searching the map for familiar locations, historical landmarks, or even their antique homes.  School groups have studied the map for landmarks.  Those with artistic bent have commented on the fine pen and ink illustrations that make help tell the story of Plymouth County.  I cannot tell you how much joy, information, and history you have assisted in bringing to the residents of our community. And region.
          Thank you again for your wonderful work, and I look forward to working with you on all future projects here at the Plymouth public Library.

Sincerely yours,

Dinah L. O’Brien

Director of Community Resources
Town of Plymouth


When my father was 97 years of age, he came into possession of a studio-made family photograph, taken 96 years earlier of his parents, his two paternal uncles, and himself! Dad had never seen this photograph before. Seeing it thrilled him. 

With Dad's permission, I had this photograph professionally restored, matted and custom framed by David Buckman at Golden Gull Studios. When I presented it to Dad, he was doubly thrilled! I asked David to come to my office so that we could call Dad together. In that way, David could hear from Dad how very happy he had made him. That phone conversation took place just one week before Dad died.     
At Dad's funeral service, I put the framed photograph in a place of honor in the funeral chapel, and used it for the basis of my eulogy for Dad.

When a picture framer is entrusted with a piece of memorabilia, he must be able to treat both the owner and his piece with sensitivity and respect. This is what David did when he framed Dad's Photograph. He not only created a work of art but, in the process, he forged a personal connection with the focus on the photograph-Dad.

Richard Serkey
Attorney At Law
Winokur, Serkey & Rosenberg, PC
Plymouth, MA



Reverend Dr. Judith Campbell

Unitarian Universalist Minister, artist, and author


Dear David, the staff at Golden Gull Studios, Inc. and visitors to this website:


          I want to add a two-fold letter of endorsement to your business: as a restoration customer, and as an exhibiting artist.

1.    Restoration

Several years ago, my husband and I inherited a very valuable watercolor painting by English watercolorist, Frederick George Cotman. This painting was in need of major restoration and some TLC. It had developed “foxing” mold growth, and was badly stained from the acidity of the original matting. It was creased, looked faded, and the frame was chipped and cracked. David undertook this project, and now, restored to its intended beauty, it enjoys a place of pride in our home. All who see it admire this extraordinary work of art!

I would say that there is no one else in the area I would trust with such a project, and over the years, I have been richly rewarded for that trust. David, Frimma and Glen at Golden Gull Studios can be trusted to “Treasure your treasures” and “Restore them to their intended worth and beauty”.

Thank you, David!!!!

2.    And…as an ARTIST

I have been a picture framing customer at Golden Gull Studios for over 30 years – that’s right, 30 years – and please don’t do the math!). As an exhibiting watercolorist, I know the difference in winning a prize and/or making a sale. I learned a long time ago to give my general thoughts on a mat or frame to Frimma and David, and then listen to what they have to say. They are always correct! They know their business, and have been framing my work ever since I moved to the South Shore those many years ago. I would recommend them to anyone who wants quality, conscientious work by people who stand behind what they do. Simply, they are THE BEST!


With gratitude and appreciation for old-fashioned quality, and up-to-the-minute technology,


Rev. Dr. Judith Campbell   



17 South Park Avenue, Plymouth, MA 02360