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Shadow Box FramingWhen the opportunity arises to frame objects of art in a shadow box, our creative and engineering juices engage on a dual path to display the work in a tasteful, balanced setting with strict attention to the structure that will house the work. The first rule of conservation-grade shadowbox framing is:

  1. That any work performed in the attachment of an object, must be reversible: in other words we must be able to remove each item with no damage. Adhesives are not allowed to hold the objects in place.
    1. The frame must have an aesthetic quality that adds to the overall design.
    2. The strength, width and depth of the frame are integral ingredients to a successful design.
  2. The material onto which the object will rest must harmonize with the subject matter being framed: i.e. fine jewelry would display best on a silk or suede material. Whereas an antique nautical instrument would be best observed if it were bedded on a linen or burlap mat.
  3. Glazing is of utmost importance! Light transmission to the object should have the least amount of glare. Therefore, we recommend Museum-Grade anti reflection glass on our shadowboxed objects.


The accompanying photo follow the construction path of a set of sterling silver antiques that were installed into an especially deep silver-leafed shadowbox. There was no adhesive used! We stitched, and pressure- fitted each object into position. You will see the cup is held in place by using a dowel which has been stained so as to masque the opening into the suede mat. The salt spoon has a narrow, hand-cut slit into which the pin on the backside sits. Then a few stitches are looped around the handle. The ring is held solely by stitches. All three objects can be de-fitted from their mounts with no harm!

Another satisfied customer will now enjoy these antiques for a lifetime thanks to the skills and dedication of our staff at Golden Gull Studios, Inc. Our finished products become tomorrow’s heirlooms!

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